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Patch 0.15.1
Hi! In this patch we fixed coliders on buildings and fixed graphic api! Happy Building! Heavy Metal Unicorns Road map:
1 file — 0.15.1
Update: 0.15
Eventually... We publish this update after 3 monhts... Changelog: - Discord integration - Building system - New Map - Preview buildings (wall, floor) If you se...
Devlog #1 - Buildings!
Hi everyone! Work at 0.15 still in progress. In nearby days 0.15 out from preview builds to main update. Here some features added in 0.15: Custom building(!) A...
State of work on next update (0.15)
HI! Work on the next update is still ongoing. The work takes so long because there will be a lot of new content. To follow the progress of the game we invite...
Peview update: 0.1.5-prev1
Hi! Welcome! We have been working on the 0. 1. 5 update for some time and we want to share with you what we have achieved by then. We are releasing a beta ver...
1 file — 0.1.5-prev1
Devlog: Update 0.1.5
Hi! We are working on a new version of the game. We are planning to add a few new things and refresh the older ones. - Render's new antenna: If you have pro...
Hey! In this update: [Fixes] - Money adding - UI BUGS [Added] - Support linux [Changes] - New table model
2 files —
Update: 0.1.4
Hey! In this update added: -Money making -Better model Habitat -Saving to Json (LocalLow/Heavy Metal Unicorns/Colony Builder/BuildingsInfo.json) -Added new menu...
1 file — 0.1.4

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